Senior Concierge Services

Enriching the lives of Seniors with caring personal assistance.

Senior Concierge Services assists Seniors wishing to remain safe in their own home or venture into the world with confidence and support. 

Family members are also supported with respite care ranging from several hours to several days, medical coordination support and nursing skills.
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SENIORS We can help you to---

Attend social events safely and conveniently
Visit your doctor and communicate with your family the outcome
Help you get your day started or ended
Visit the salon when YOU want to
Have someone close to call in an emergency
Walk your dog in the neighborhood safely
Go for an ice cream cone and visit the park
Plan a get-together and attend to the details
Assist you with taking your medicines or insulin shots
Sort through your mail and not miss anything
Take care of personal hygiene needs
Keep in touch with your loved ones by telephone, letter or e-mail

FAMILY MEMBERS We can help you to--

Recharge your batteries by caring for your loved one while you are gone
Fill in for you when your schedule doesn't fit
Make important phone calls to health care providers while you're at work
Research social services or medical care your loved one needs
Coordinate with multiple health care providers for optimal care
Unravel complicated medical claims issues
Be relieved of being the only one available to help at a moment's notice